Living in California affords its residents long summers and mild winters. With the changing seasons and drop in temperatures, some might feel the need to purchase a heater. Over half of the western world experiences a snowy climate at one time or another. Heater companies make a variety of products equal to all of the places they might be needed. To prevent overcompensating for the mild winters in California, We Care Plumbing, Heating, & Air would like to educate you on how to find the proper model for your home. None of the products mentioned here are endorsed by our company but are spotlighted as examples of what is available for home installation without burning out your power lines or your wallet.

I’m thinking of replacing a water heater.

The best place to start your research into a new heating system is to trust the experts who have to test products like this for a living. Consumer Reports has been testing every available product they can get their hands on for reliability, durability, safety, and other factors. When a recall of a product is issued, it is usually Consumer Reports that has brought the call to action because they have found it unsafe through their testing. Fighting for the right of the buyer to have access to quality merchandise is their mantra. In November of 2012, Consumer Reports released an extensive study on all available water heaters on the market for example. Before purchasing any model, consult Consumer Reports to see if it is a good one for your needs.

Another option available to you for research is the website and their Energy Saver initiative. Unlike the Consumer Reports article that lists mostly gas and electric models, the link also includes solar and Geothermal options for the more climate-conscious consumer.

I would like to only heat one room.

We Care Plumbing, Heating, & Air is not always required to replace an entire HVAC system if it seems only one room is cold. Just like any other home purchase, consider searching for online reviews to see what others think of what you might be buying. We found a great article on Apartment Therapy about the Best Space Heaters of 2012. This itemized list links the consumer with a variety of space heaters they can buy online. The Apartment Therapy website has already reviewed each of these in previous articles, so this is their final list for their year and their top recommendations for keeping you warm.

I would like to replace my Furnace

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. Most AC units are tied to the heating furnace, as it is more efficient to have central ventilation than dual systems. Our good friend Consumer Reports reviewed the top Gas Furnaces for 2012 and created another buyer’s guide for your review. Another option is Furnace Compare where a person can check on ratings based on user experience. This site is exclusively for furnaces so the topic can get pretty intense in some of the discussion threads.

I feel more confident now.

That’s good. The trick is to feel empowered by your knowledge. When you decide to upgrade or repair your heater this winter, think of We Care Plumbing, Heating, & Air and how we were able to help you make the right decision. That is a sign of true quality.

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