Anyone who lives even remotely close to Corona knows that it can get pretty hot. The entire county, and all of Southern California, is known for its hot summers – which makes us all want to crank up the AC and not let it stop. Nobody wants to pay for the increased utility bills, though, that come along with cranking up the AC or the heater and just letting it run. Where here today to let you know that in Corona, heating and air conditioning don’t have to increase your utility bills through the roof while you’re staying comfortable.

A little preventative maintenance can go a long way in regards to keeping your equipment running at peak efficiency. Air conditioning and heating maintenance services are something that shouldn’t be neglected – doing so can and will cause utility bills and the running cost of the appliances in question. In both AC and heating systems, parts tend to wear out and need replacing; others require cleaning while others still require lubrication. Letting these components wear out to the point of breaking can wind up requiring an expensive repair, or even worse, a complete replacement.

Standard maintenance on air conditioning systems is typically performed during the spring when the need for the system hasn’t yet begun to rise. However, with the unseasonably warm winter we’ve had, it stands to reason that we will be in need of our beloved air conditioning systems sooner this year than in years past.

Replacing an entire air conditioning or heating system is expensive and an inconvenience. Instead of letting your air conditioning and heating systems to the point where they need replacing, keep up on the annual maintenance to help ensure your equipment lasts for years to come while running like they were new. The money saved on equipment replacements and repairs will more than pay for the minute cost of routine maintenance, making it worth every penny invested.

This winter has been more like fall or spring than an actual winter, which means that we will be seeing a need for our air conditioners again sooner this year than in years past. There’s been less of a need for heaters these past several months, which means that this upcoming summer will be more demanding on our central air conditioning systems, both for residents and businesses alike.

With this in mind, now is the perfect time to have one of our skilled and highly trained technicians come to take a look at your air conditioning systems. From air conditioning in Corona to heating in San Diego, we’ve got you covered on all your maintenance and related needs.

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