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I was overdue to replace my home's (1988) entire HVAC system - Air conditioner, heater and duct-work. My highest recommendation! The service, from beginning to end was top-notch.-CJ H.
Very professional, super nice, very thorough, and most of all, up front with pricing and willing to work with you. I highly recommend this company. You can't go wrong with good honest people.-Elise T.
All of my experiences with this company have been exceptionally positive. There are few companies like this one anymore!-Roger M.
What an amazing company! From the time you call to set up an appointment til the time of your install everyone is so very kind. They are super flexible with their time frame and show up. Highly recommend this company!-Stephani McFerran
From the first phone call every person I spoke with or dealt with was very friendly and knowledgeable. No one was pushy and they quickly came and fixed our issues. The guys were great! I will be calling them back if I need further help for sure.-Jaime L.


Benefits of Variable Air Speeds

Balancing comfort and energy costs is a priority for homeowners. Typically, this balance is arrived at by adjusting a comfortable indoor temperature against feeling a little discomfort, but advanced HVAC systems such as those with variable speeds have largely solved this problem. Variable-speed HVAC equipment can help you refine this process and arrive at optimal

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Symptoms of a Dirty Coil

As the component in your air conditioner that absorbs and removes heat from the air, an evaporator is a critical part of your system. Even small amounts of dirt or dust can keep it from working efficiently, so it’s important to notice and address dirty coils as soon as possible. Follow these steps to recognize

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Benefits of a NATE Certified Technician

The best HVAC specialists are NATE certified. NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence. The organization was founded in 1987 and certifies professionals across the nation. NATE is an independent nonprofit organization known for its integrity. HVAC technicians with NATE certification have experience with all types of heating and cooling systems. These systems include air

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The Rise and New Improved HVAC

If you find yourseld in need of an extreme AC repair in Moreno Valley that go beyond these tips, give We Care a call.

Temecula, California is teeming with green rolling hills and valleys and a wide-open, sunny sky most of the year. This tourist town is home to wine country and many beautiful golf courses. With so many things to do in Temecula from biking and hiking trails galore to hot air ballooning and wine tasting, this town

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“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.”  Jane Austen   Irvine, California, is rated not only one of the safest cities in America but is ranked among the healthiest and happiest places to live. Home to large international companies like Toshiba and Samsung, many young professionals and their families live, work, and

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The Importance of HVAC for Your Health and Safety

We Care Plumbing Heating and Air has been delivering expert AC repair to the Inland Empire for over twenty years. Spanning Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, this panoramic medley of nature’s best, with towering mountains and sprawling hills and valleys, is vibrant and alive. With diversity among cities and so many things to do in

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How Long Do HVAC Unit Last?

All the things that you buy will always have a lifespan. Some of these things have a short lifespan, while others will always last longer. Consequently, an HVAC unit also has a lifespan. For this reason, when the buyers in Orange County will ever question the sellers about the expected lifespan of the HVAC unit

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