Summertime – While it could mean holidays and beaches to many, others think of sweat, hot, and air-conditioners. When the temperature soars high, it’s easy to think of air-conditioners and forget about the scorching heat outside. With that, there is always another issue that comes with air conditioners, and that is a long electric bill!

If you are living in Irvine, then you know how the summers are – It can be pretty hot. Even the autumn and late summers are dry and warm. Therefore, you need an air-conditioner in your house; but can your AC reduce your electric bill in Irvine? 

Here’s how you can save on electricity bills with your air conditioner

When the temperature starts busting higher degree marks, an air-conditioner becomes a must. Before we start, let us give you a bit of essential advice: Your AC needs regular servicing, and that is why you need to get them checked at least once in a year by an excellent air conditioning service in Irvine.

Sometimes when your AC is not checked, it won’t be able to cool down easily or quickly, and in a few cases, it was observed that it consumes more electricity as well. Therefore, the whole objective of the article is to tell you how to save on electricity bill with your AC, it is vital that you get your AC checked regularly by a trusted AC Repair in Irvine.


Let’s start with the 6 fantastic ideas to save energy with your air-conditioner.

  1. Keep the air-conditioner low at night

It’s a given fact that the nights are colder than days. In addition to that, while you are sleeping or relaxing, your body will not be exhausted to a level where you might need active cooling. During nights, you can keep a temperature that is pleasant and not too cool because there will not be much heat to combat with. This will put less pressure, and the air conditioner won’t have to work more, which means it will automatically consume less electricity. The majority of air-conditioners today come with an option called sleep mode, and that can lower the temperature on a timer or maintain a temperature less by 2 or 3 degrees from the temperature outside the house.


  1. Use portable or window units

If you are not cooling your entire home and need for a specific place; your sleeping or working area, you can get one portable unit for yourself and use it just on the site you want to cool. This has many advantages like you will get your desired area or place cooled down in less time, and since it will be limited area, you won’t have to keep the air-conditioner on for a long time. In addition to that, the portable units or the window units use almost 50 percent less energy, which means that it will contribute to reducing the electricity bills. Therefore, if you do not need an AC for your entire house or room, instead just for a limited area, the portable units are the best choice.


  1. Service your unit

Any good AC company in Irvine, We Care provides services like maintenance, repair, and service. You need regular servicing for your air-conditioner, even though you feel it is working just fine. The truth is it can improve your AC’s life as well. AC units that are not maintained or serviced regularly starts to display problems, and in many cases; they begin to consume more electricity that results in an increased electric bill. Therefore, you have to make sure that your AC receives basic and regular maintenance once every year at least. However, even it’s just been months that you brought the AC and it started to show problems, get it checked immediately.


  1. Close off vents

This is a very logical idea that can not only help you with the electricity bill but also with the cooling, and your basement will play a significant part. The basement of a house is usually the coolest area or room in the entire home, so if you close every vent in your house’s lower portion, the cold air of the air-conditioner will naturally sink to the basement. Therefore, when you close all the vents in the basement, you will force the air from up first and then the cold air as it comes down! This is much more natural and will maintain a cold temperature for a long time.


  1. Rearrange the furniture

The furniture that stands in between the AC vents could be the reason behind your house getting cooled slowly. There is no point cooling the bottom of the sofa or the back of the chair! We are sure that you and your family need cooling more than furniture. The good idea is to rearrange the furniture after understanding which furniture is blocking the cooling. You will soon realize that your house is getting cooled down fast. In addition to that, the primary benefit is that your home will get cooled down quickly and that’s why you won’t need the AC to go on for a long time. Therefore, when you keep your AC on for a lesser time, the consumption will also be less natural! If you don’t want to move the furniture, you can buy the plastic pieces that are made for AC to help the cold airflow in the correct direction.


  1. Use the fan too

Don’t just rely on your AC to keep your house cool! You can keep the AC on for some time; maybe an hour and two, and then switch it off and turn on the fan, which will circulate the cold air all through the room. Since you won’t keep the AC running for long, it will save some on your electric bill, and fans consume less energy as compared to the AC unit. Therefore, it’s an excellent way to save money!



Summertime in Irvine can be undoubtedly hot and unbearable. You will need an air conditioner for your house. However, being able to save on your monthly electric bill is always a good idea as you cannot keep your AC running 24X7 and if you do, the AC will be consuming a lot of electricity. That’s when We Care will come to your rescue.

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Author Bio: Rusty Cochran

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