When you put quality service and customer appreciation above everything else, you have yourself the recipe for a successful business model. Doing what We Care to Go the Extra Mile has been our philosophy since our founding, and it’s been the key foundation to all of our policies and business practices, and it’s the reason why we’re winning awards left and right.

This year we’ve been presented with a few awards. First, there’s the Lennox Partner of the Year award. Each year, Lennox Industries recognizes an elite group of Lennox heating and air conditioning dealers that not just meet, but exceed the highest standards. The dealers that are fortunate enough to receive this particular honor from Lennox Industries find themselves in an exclusive group with only five Lennox dealers in the nation. These dealers have earned this position through demonstrating outstanding accomplishments in customer service and sales leadership.

Those that find themselves in this elite group can take pride in the knowledge that they ensure every customer’s experience is the best that it possibly can be. It is this level of customer service, combined with an equally impressive level of sales that has helped make us the first choice when it comes to servicing an existing system or purchasing a new HVAC installation.

While we’re deeply honored that we have been selected as one of the elite Lennox dealers, but that’s not the end of the story for this year’s round of awards. This year we were honored with the AC Pro Presidents Circle Award, an award that he handed out to a hand-picked selected 12 heating and cooling companies in California and Nevada.

This award means a lot to us since it shows that we are seen as one of the best companies around for our heating and air conditioning services and that we have caught the attention of some of the highest members of the Lennox organization.

And as a final layer of frosting on our cake of awesomeness, we were presented with a third award this year – the Circle of Excellence Award. The Circle of Excellent Award is presented to a select few heating and air conditioning companies throughout the country. A mere 40 dealers across the country meet a level of leadership excellence and customer service that routinely exceeds expectations that Lennox feels is worthy of this award.

We’re deeply honored to have received these four awards this year. It goes to show that we’re on the right track when we put our customers first and that we need to continue to do so. We go above and beyond what we’re expected to do because we care about our customers, and it’s this approach that has made us the leading name that we are today. It is also this approach that we’re going to continue to focus on, so that we, and our customers, can see continued success as the years go on.

Thank you to all of our customers who made winning these awards possible. We couldn’t have done it without you.