Summers down here in Sunny Southern California tend to be a bit on the hot side. Alright, perhaps a lot of the hot side. All the more reason to know some great tips and tricks for keeping the summer heat out of your home and outside where it belongs.

  • Stay cool this summer! Close the blinds on sunny days. Light beaming in through a window heats the surface of whatever it touches inside your home. You can combat this by closing the blinds or curtains to keep out excess sunlight.
  • Use appliances that generate heat sparingly. This includes the dishwasher, oven or stove, and the dryer as the main guys. The less you use any heat-generating appliances, the less heat you’ll have to deal with inside your home this summer. A great idea for this is to use them more at night when it’s cooler, and the excess heat won’t be so noticeable.
  • Turn the AC off at night. Take advantage of the cooler nights and open some windows in place of running the AC. The less you run the AC, the lower your electric bill will be.
  • Get your AC ready for summer! Keep your air filters clean. Even a slightly dirty air filter can cause your AC to work overtime moving around the same amount of air, which costs you money!
  • Set your AC higher. A higher temperature on your AC’s thermostat can make a big difference in your monthly bills. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, raising the temperature your AC’s set to by 1 degree can mean a savings of 7% on your electric bill.

Everything adds up, and every little bit counts. Do your part this summer to help keep your expenses down and your wallet full.

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